Extendable semi-trailer for AT Special Transport


Tailor-made extendable semi-trailer with Libner OpenBox C+ superstructure

Semi-trailer: 3-axle extendable

Measurers: 13,60 m + 6,0 m

Equipment: Libner OpenBox C+ superstructure with EN 12642 XL certification

Scania new generation with Tyllis superstructure

Vehicular superstructure

Tailor-made hydraulic curtain superstructure with Hiab 188 crane and Zepro taillift

Truck: Scania G410 B6x2*4

Superstructure: Tyllis hydraulic curtain superstructure

Crane: Hiab X-Hiduo 188E-5

Taillift: Zepro ZAHD 2000

Svensson Edition

Semi-trailer with crane

Svensson got a very special tailor-made solution. Together with the customer we designed a backwards tipping semi-trailer equipped with crane. This gives the customer more benefits than a “regular” truck. Exquisite workmanship and finishing touches = satisfied customer!

Truck: Scania

Semi-trailer: 2-axle backwards tipping semi-trailer. Axle 2 with hydraulic steering.

Crane: Palfinger PK26002EH

Platform: Backwards tipping, length 8,0 m with aluminium dropsides and hydraulic automatic tailgate.

Equipment: Reversing camera, Nummi bluetooth control system for tipping, rst side underrun protection etc. etc.

Drawbar trailer for crane truck

Drawbar trailer

Tailor-made 4-axle lowbuilt drawbar trailer.

Length: 12,12 m

Height: 1,02 m

Paint: Galvanized, painted in RAL 1007 and clear coated

Equipment: Automatic drawbar, aluminium ramps, ladder, chromecapsles, extendable warning plates with lights, lift axle, airdump, LED-lights etc. etc.